Who We Are

We stand up to tech giants and governments and for a future where technology is used to benefit everyone, not just the rich and powerful.

Foxglove is an independent non-profit organisation that fights to make tech fair for everyone.

Tech is abused by big corporations and powerful states to enrich themselves and entrench their own power. We want a future where these abuses are stopped and where the benefits of tech are shared fairly. 

We want tech innovation that prioritises care, community and a liveable planet – not surveillance, control and profit. We want tech workers, and their unions, to have a strong voice and shape a world of tech work that is equal, safe and just.

Tech corporations and powerful states won’t build the fair tech future themselves. People must demand it.  

Foxglove fights for a fairer tech future using litigation, campaigning and communication. We join hands with other organisations, unions and people at the sharp end of tech abuses. Together, we fight to win tech power back.  

Our team includes lawyers, technology experts, campaigners, and communications experts. 

We take tech abuses to court because – for all their flaws – existing justice systems can still hold power to account. We are keenly aware this approach is not right for every problem.

We tell the stories of our cases and encourage people to be part of shaping the world they want to see, because democracy is a team sport and we need to come together to fight for a better tomorrow.

We also seek change from politicians and government officials because building a fair tech future is a job for every government.

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