Who We Are

We stand up to tech giants and governments and for a future where technology is used to benefit everyone, not just the rich and powerful.

Foxglove is a non-profit that fights to make tech fair for everyone.

In our first three years we’ve built a track record for holding big tech and governments alike to account.

We forced disclosure of secret contracts between tech giants and government, known as the ‘NHS Covid-19 data deals’, forced the government to extend the deadline for the GP Data Grab and we’re fighting to make sure everyone has a say about how their health data is used in the planned £480m NHS Federated Data Platform.

We also stopped the Home Office’s racist visa-streaming algorithm, helped make grading fair for every student in the UK by challenging Ofqual’s algorithm and have brought three cases in Kenya fighting for the human rights of Facebook content moderators.

Foxglove is an independent non-profit. We rely on donations from individuals and foundations to stand up to power. If you’d like to join us, please hit the button below to stay up to date with all our work:

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