Areas of Work

Foxglove fights to make technology fair for everyone. We want a future where abuses by Big Tech corporations and powerful states are stopped and where the benefits of tech are shared fairly.

This work includes:

Challenging unfair and discriminatory government algorithms

Governments claim that algorithms and AI have the potential to improve public services. But there’s a lack of transparency about these new technologies and a huge risk they treat people unfairly.

Foxglove challenges systems that are unfair or discriminatory and fights for stricter rules about when and how governments can use this technology and stronger protections to prevent people being harmed by them.

Challenging the size and power of Big Tech

Tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Meta have more power and resources than many nation states. They are, bluntly, too big and too powerful.

They abuse this power to exploit their workers and disregard the safety of their users.

They use their size and power to push around democratic governments, refusing to play by the rules and crushing attempts to regulate them.

Foxglove wants to see the power of Big Tech tamed, including by stopping companies getting too big through gobbling up their competition, and by breaking up the tech giants who are already too big for most democratic instruments to control.

Justice for tech workers

Huge tech companies depend on vast numbers of workers, based all over the world, to power their platforms, remove dangerous content and train their systems.

We support social media content moderators who have to review endless disturbing content including terrorism, child abuse and racism. This work causes serious mental health problems, such as PTSD.

Foxglove is supporting their demands for proper pay and safe working conditions, including proper psychological support, and the right to form trade unions.

Amazon’s billionaire owner Jeff Bezos is the one of the richest men on the planet. He’s built his fortune on the appalling mistreatment of his workers.

Amazon’s unsustainably fast delivery relies on gruelling conditions for warehouse pickers and delivery drivers. They face long hours, low pay, impossible targets, and humiliating workplace surveillance.

Foxglove supports Amazon UK warehouse workers fighting for fair pay, better working conditions and for the right to start a trade union.

Protect NHS data for the public good

The UK government is centralising NHS England data into a vast new system – the “Federated Data Platform”(FDP). It has handed the contract to run the system to US spy tech firm Palantir. So far, it has failed to seek patient consent for how the data will be used and failed to explain the full purpose of the FDP and what data will flow into it.

Together with partners, Foxglove is campaigning for the government to give iron-clad commitments that NHS data will never be shared with commercial companies without patient consent, and that there won’t be data sharing or other parts of government, like the Home Office or the Department for Work and Pensions.