Areas of Work

Algorithmic Justice

Governments often present machine learning, artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision-making as a way to make public services faster, more personalised and more efficient. But beyond the hype, there is a worrying lack of transparency or accountability in the adoption of these new technologies.

Without full transparency, and the right level of safeguards, there’s a huge risk that these new technologies will perpetuate old injustices and introduce new ones.

Foxglove works to make sure every public body in the UK uses data, and computer-aided decision-making, in a way that is open, fair and legal. We challenge opacity, bias and discrimination. We seek to help those who have been on the receiving end of unjust, computer-aided decision-making to secure justice.

The Power of Big Tech

Global technology companies like Google and Facebook have unprecedented power and, too often, this vast power is abused. They take advantage of their users’ data, exploit their workers, dodge their responsibilities as employers and use their clout to block regulation or dodge taxes.

Foxglove challenges these abuses of power by Big Tech. We stand up for the interests of platform users and workers. We use the law to protect rights, enforce rules and defend the public interest.