Foxglove supporters raised more than £2,000 for the Amazon strike fund!

It’s never an easy decision to go on strike. You open yourself to retaliation from bosses, being isolated from colleagues who choose not to join you and, of course, missing out on pay for the time you’re off the shop floor. 

That last one is something that we can help with in a small way. Since last week’s history-making strikes at the Amazon warehouse in Coventry were announced, Foxglove has been running a strike fund for the courageous workers involved, alongside the GMB union. 

We put out the call the day before the strike, on January 24. Since then, our supporters have donated an incredible £2,291 to support workers standing up for fair pay. 

By stepping up to make sure the workers taking action don’t miss out on the vital cash they need to live in this brutal cost of living crisis, you have helped spread that hope too – at a time when hope and solidarity is sorely needed. Thank you.  

We’ve collected together the videos we took when we were up at Coventry last week, to show you just what your donations helped support, take a look below.

The strike fund is ongoing – and workers tell us this is just the beginning of their action – so if you’re inspired to donate, hit the button below.