We’re going to court – help us make the case that WhatsApp government needs a full judicial review 

It’s crunch time. Our case with the Citizens to stop the government using messages that vanish into thin air for official business – from crony contracts to the pandemic response – is going to court.

The Citizens have compiled a timeline of how we got here. You can read that here

On October 12, we’re going to court for what’s called a ‘permission hearing’.

Foxglove haven’t lost a case yet. But this is a big day – it’s our fight for a full judicial inquiry into WhatsApp government – and we need your help.

At the hearing, we’ll need to show the judge that the government may be breaking the law – and that we’re standing up for the public interest.

One vital way of doing that is if we can demonstrate that a hell of a lot of people in this country care about Boris Johnson and his ministers using disappearing messages to run government by WhatsApp. 

That’s why we’ve launched a petition. Click the button below to sign now.

Every person who signs this petition helps us prove that this matters

If you sign, you’ll be saying that a government minister can’t just bin embarrassing texts from former prime minister David Cameron lobbying them for dodgy money firm Greensill. 

You’ll be insisting Boris Johnson shouldn’t be swapping private WhatsApps with a spoiled Saudi prince trying to buy Newcastle Football Club.

And you’ll be demanding that the government preserve the full story about its response to the pandemic. It’s ridiculous that so much of what we know comes from what the PM’s disgruntled former aide happened to screenshot. That’s not how our government should work.

That’s why we need your help. Please sign this petition and share as widely as you can with anyone who might be interested.