Sama exploit Facebook moderators and call it “ethical”. Help us stop them

There’s nothing ethical about union-busting. Sama, Facebook’s flagship outsourcing firm in Africa, were exposed in February for mistreating content moderators and firing union organisers. But they still call themselves an “ethical AI” company. 

We need your help to stop them. Sama have a special certification, called B Corp, from an organisation called B Lab that allows them to raise funds from investors looking to invest in ethical businesses. B Lab are now investigating whether to strip Sama of its B Corp status. 

Can you join us in telling B Lab to scrap Sama’s special B Corp status now?

This isn’t just branding – the B Corp label makes Sama millions and props up Facebook’s broken business model. If we can persuade B Lab to revoke Sama’s prized B Corp status, it will send a serious message that Facebook and Sama need to clean up their factory floor.