Why we’re leaving social media – for now

There’s always a fine line to walk using social media as a non-profit who, as a core part of its work, fights the exploitation and monopoly power of the world’s powerful social media companies. 

You’re never far from a hot take from the internet’s finest keyboard warriors: “So you sue Facebook but you also use Facebook? Interesting…” 

But our principle has been that, as long as social media remains an effective and coherent form of communication, we should use it to inform and explain our work to supporters, partners and journalists (and hopefully have fun along the way). 

By the same token, we felt it made sense to engage only with the most influential social media – Facebook and Twitter (now X), respectively.

We have now made the decision that the services offered by these social media platforms are so degraded it is no longer an efficient use of our limited resources to engage with them.

We don’t do this lightly – but Foxglove has a responsibility to our amazing supporters and funders to spend every penny soundly and in a way where we can measure its worth. We don’t think that’s the case now.

This is not a blanket statement that Foxglove shall never Tweet again. For our first four years, we have enjoyed using social media to talk to supporters and friends (and occasionally foes). 

Should a time come when social media seems worth engaging with in a way that is useful, cost-effective and fun, we will see you back out there. 

But for now, we are calling time on Foxglove’s social media channels. 

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