Foxglove supporters’ top priorities for 2023: protect our NHS Data and support content moderators, Amazon warehouse workers and Uber drivers

A huge thank you to everyone who completed our recent supporter survey. It’s so helpful to hear what you think.

In total we had 2,369 responses. We have gained some very helpful insights into what our supporters think.

You can see the full results here. A few things jumped out to us: 

  1. There’s a lot of energy for Foxglove to challenge the government’s latest plans for a shady new NHS data platform. Our team is working on this and you can expect to hear more from us about this soon.
  2. There’s also much support for Foxglove’s work to support workers suffering exploitation at the hands of giant tech companies – whether that’s social media content moderators, Uber drivers, or Amazon warehouse workers. We’ll be stepping this work up in the coming months. For example we’ve just launched a collaboration with workers’ rights network Organise to support Amazon workers
  3. Supporters are willing to help Foxglove in a wide range of ways – almost everyone is willing to sign petitions, over 80% are prepared to write emails and letters to decision-makers such as MPs, and over 40% are up for donating to fund our work. Thank you!

Our mission is to stand up to tech giants and governments and work for a future where technology is used to benefit everyone, not just the rich and powerful. Supporters play a crucial role in all this – through sharing ideas, taking part in campaign actions like petitions and letter-writing, and funding the work through donations.

If you’d like to take part in future surveys to help shape Foxglove’s work, and to hear how else you can help us, please sign up to our mailing list by hitting the button below.