The Fox: Issue 5 – Rocketman Rally – M&M – Daniel’s TIME

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Hello and welcome to the fifth edition of The Fox – a newsletter for all tech workers, and their allies, fighting for fair pay and decent work. 

And I Think It’s Gonna Be A Long, Long Time, For Workers Living Rent-Free in Bezos’s Mind…  

Snouts. Going. Up. Last week was one to remember for the global fightback against Amazon as workers on both sides of the Atlantic got together to share their experiences and talk strategy for bringing the Rocketman (h/t GMB’s Gary Smith) crashing down to Earth.  

The US Amazon Labor Union and the British GMB union, along with Foxglove, hosted an international solidarity rally with speakers including the ALU’s Derrick Palmer. All the speakers were fantastic and you can watch the whole thing here

One British worker told the rally: “I don’t want Jeff Bezos’s boat, I definitely don’t want his rocket – but I just want to live.” We really can’t put it better than that. 

Oh and in his post-rally interview with the Independent, Palmer told reporters that he expects 20 Amazon warehouses (at least) to be unionised in the next year. This fight’s just getting started foxes.  

Molly and the Monopoly 

No jokes on this one. Some things just don’t have a funny side. Last month saw the verdict in the inquest of the death of British teenager Molly Russell by suicide. The coroner said that posts of self-harm and suicide on Instagram contributed “in a more than minimal way” to her death.  

He added that she died: “from an act of self-harm while suffering from depression and the negative effects of online content.” 

Foxglove director Cori Crider has written a blog explaining why Facebook’s near-total domination of social media allows it to make the business decision to cut corners on content moderation, on Instagram as well as Facebook. That is what’s hurting children. Read it here

Instagram moderators spoke to the press following the verdict, laying out their reflections on what happened. Read them here and here. Our thoughts are with Molly’s family and friends.  

Daniel’s TIME 

We started this edition with one Union Drip alum so let’s end it with another – Facebook whistleblower and former content moderator Daniel Motaung has been named to TIME’s TIME100 Next list! Nominated by fellow Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen no less. 

It’s been a long year for Daniel, including an attempt to gag him talking about his story. But we’re happy to say that Daniel is doing well and his case is back in court in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. 

Foxglove has been working to support content moderators like Daniel since we got started. If you’re a content moderator, or know someone else who is, send them this link (also available in German).  

For now, solidarity forever – and that’s all Fox. 

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