Don’t hand NHS patient data to Palantir: email your MP!

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Foxglove and our partners are deeply concerned about the lack of public information about the government’s new plans for the ‘Federated Data Platform’. What is it for, how will it work and how can we be sure our data will remain safe and protected?

Worryingly, US spy tech corporation Palantir is highly likely to be the preferred bidder for the £480 million contract – a huge threat to public trust in the health service.

If our supporters across the UK contact their MPs now, it will show politicians that patients aren’t happy about Palantir being part of the NHS. It will also remind them that patients must have a say in how their health data is used. It is our health data, so what happens to it must be our choice. It could also help us uncover more information about what’s going on. 

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