Forward this message from content moderators to Facebook

This month, Meta executive Rob Sherman attended RightsCon and spoke about how Facebook content moderators are “essential to the service” and “are critical to the community that we’ve built and that we’re trying to maintain.”

9 hours later, Meta’s lawyers argued the opposite to a Kenyan court.

184 Facebook content moderators have taken Facebook’s owner Meta to court after they were fired in a sham mass redundancy following attempts to unionise over poor conditions and pay, then blacklisted from re-applying for their own jobs.

Last week, some of these moderators wrote to Rob Sherman to ask if he will live up to his words and ensure moderators are treated with the dignity they deserve. So far, they’ve had no response.

That’s why we need you: will you help amplify the moderator’s voices by forwarding their email to Rob Sherman and demanding a response?