Trade Union recognition vote this week at Amazon’s Coventry warehouse

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Workers at the Amazon UK warehouse in Coventry vote this week, to decide whether or not to force Amazon to recognise their trade union. If over 50% vote yes, then Amazon is legally required to sit down and negotiate with the trade union – which would be a first in Europe.

Amazon is throwing everything at pressuring workers to vote no. Propaganda around the warehouse. Pressure from their managers as they go about their work. QR codes promoting a new “one-click to quit the union” tool on the door in every toilet stall.

The workers, and the GMB trade union, have been working hard to counter this, and make the positive case for how a vote for trade union recognition helps force Amazon to improve pay and conditions. 

Foxglove supporters have been helping. Donations have helped crowdfund adverts in favour of a yes vote. These people-powered adverts are now live at bus stops along routes to the warehouse, and at other strategic locations in the area. 

Here are some pictures of the adverts in action:

crowdfunded advert outside iceland in Coventry
Crowdfunded advert on a bus stop in Coventry

We will know the results of the vote early next week. The trade union organisers are working round the clock to make the positive case for the trade union, answer workers’ questions, and rebut Amazon’s cynical and outrageous anti-union propaganda.

We will all be crossing our fingers for a historic yes vote. If the warehouse votes for union recognition it would be a serious setback for Amazon and its billionaire boss Jeff Bezos. It would act as an inspiration to Amazon workers in other warehouses in the UK, and around the world. And it would mean Amazon workers in Coventry would be one step closer to fair pay and decent working conditions.

But the vote is likely to be close – Amazon is using every dirty trick in the book. Workers in the warehouse report being bullied and intimidated by their managers, pressured to leave the union and vote no in the ballot. They are being bombarded with anti-union propaganda and misinformation. We can’t take anything for granted.

Whatever happens, Foxglove will keep backing Amazon workers in Coventry and around the world. And we hugely appreciate all the support (and donations) for this work.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything about the outcome of the vote.