Foxglove asks UK CMA to probe Microsoft and Amazon’s AI partnerships

Area of work: Challenging the size and power of Big Tech

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At this point, it seems like every big AI startup is in the kill zone of the usual suspects: Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

We simply can’t afford for the Big Tech incumbents to lock down AI the way they’ve locked down the rest of our online world – but that’s where these AI roll-ups are leading.

That’s why Foxglove, along with our partners at the Open Markets Institute, Irish Council for Civil Liberties, Rebalance Now, Article 19, and Clean Up the Internet have urged the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority to investigate—and potentially undo—the latest moves by tech giants Microsoft and Amazon to buy their way into a dominant position in AI.

In these three partnerships, (Microsoft/Inflection, Microsoft/Mistral, Amazon/Anthropic), Microsoft and Amazon are pretending not to call the shots, but just like with Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI (click the link at bottom of the page for more detail) – it’s clear where the real power sits.

The CMA should see through Big Tech’s ruse and act to protect the AI market now. Because in five years, it will be too late.

Read our full submission below: