Palantir has no place in our NHS. Watch the video!

Area of work: Protect NHS data for the public good

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The campaign to ask MPs to hit pause on the £480m NHS Federated Data Platform is gathering pace.

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital has become the first of 11 NHS trusts with a failed pilot of US spy tech firm Palantir’s ‘Foundry’ – the platform it would use to run the Federated Data Platform – to say that Palantir’s product “didn’t meet our needs.”

That’s a huge admission, because it contradicts the argument from NHS England and Palantir that the 11 pilots failed due to admin or operational reasons.

Palantir is the frontrunner for the NHS Federated Data Platform contract. The reveal that the Foundry pilot in Liverpool simply didn’t work raises massive questions over whether it can deliver for a system billed as an “operating system for the entire NHS”.

We’ve sent a letter to the House of Commons health and social care select committee, urging them to investigate the FDP procurement and, specifically, the full details of all 11 failed pilots.

The committee have confirmed they will write to the Secretary of State for Health, Steve Barclay, to follow up on the concerns raised in our letter.

We’ll let you know what he says. In the meantime, watch the video below to hear more about why Palantir isn’t a fit partner for our NHS.