Foxglove & Just Treatment online briefing: Join us!

On Thursday 20th April at 8pm, Foxglove and Just Treatment are holding an online briefing to share everything we know about the government’s plans for our health data and the Federated Data Platform. 

To recap, the Federated Data Platform is the government’s latest plan to create a privately run central database that will likely include all our health data held by the NHS – including GP surgeries, hospitals and care homes. 

We are deeply concerned about the lack of public information about these new plans. What is the FDP for and how will it work? How can we be sure our data will remain safe? Who will have access? Why is US spy tech corporation Palantir being lined up for the £480 million contract? How will patient choice and consent be honoured? 

To discuss this, Foxglove’s Cori Crider will join Dr Marcus Baw, a Yorkshire GP and campaigner for privacy, transparency, open source, and competence in NHS IT and Diarmaid McDonald, Director of Just Treatment.  

The event will be online and it’s free to attend. All you need to take part is a computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection. 

You can sign up to take part via the link below: 

There’s no public health without public trust. The battle over NHS data and how it’s used and protected is a battle for the future of the health service. It’s critically important for everyone who loves the NHS and needs it to thrive.