Jack Poulson, Advisory Council

Jack Poulson

Jack Poulson is the Founder of Tech Inquiry. Previously he campaigned to hold Google to account for its planned deployment of a version of its Search engine which would, in addition to providing the ability to track Chinese citizens’ queries by their phone numbers, censor information on human rights, the Nobel prize, political organizing, and government officials.

His advocacy was initially internal to Google, while he was employed as a Senior Research Scientist within their Research and Machine Learning Division (now called Google AI) working at the intersection of recommendation systems and (internationalized) natural language processing. After his management chain refused to clarify Google’s red lines on international censorship and surveillance, he publicly resigned from the company.

Before joining Google Research, Jack was an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University. From 2009-2016, he was the lead developer of the open source, distributed-memory math library Elemental. In addition to running Tech Inquiry and advising Foxglove, Jack is the founding scientist of Hodge Star Scientific Computing. He can be reached at jack@techinquiry.org.